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Sleeping Bluety



-Tho you thee, Rad Duck wath a great duck, thomeone you could alwayth count on. Had he not been here, the thcool would have burned down and who knowth where we would live now!

Daffy paused to look at his students. Some were taking notes, especially since a big exam was coming up; others were at least paying some attention. Heck, he even got Plucky's attention with the history of famous ducks. All listened, even if only slightly. All, but Buster Bunny… again. The blue bunny had fallen sleep five minutes into his course and slept for the whole time. I wasn't the first time Buster did this either, Daffy had lost count how many times it happened. And to add injure to the insult, the bunny had very high grades, topping 85% during the two previous evaluations. Still, the teacher felt frustrated to have such a student two to three times a week in his class. He finally decided to go see principal Bugs about it after class.

Soon, the bell indeed rang, though not waking up the kid. Babs, sitting besides her boyfriend, got up and gave him a nudge. Buster said something unintelligible, but still slept and so Babs decided to give him a lesson. She packed her things and left along the other students, leaving only Daffy and Buster. Daffy approached the boy.

-Ith there a problem, mithter Bunny, he asked.

-No problem thir, uh, sir. I was just meditating your deep words.

-Meditating huh? What wath the name of Rad Duck'th wife?

-Uh… Shirley, he tried, Shirley being the first girl duck name he thought of.

-Cherry Duck. I want you to make a 300 word report on her, punishment for thleeping in my class. And I want it tomorrow morning, on my desk.

-Come on teach'. Shirley, Cherry, it's almost the same!

-You are dithmithed, mither Bunny.

Buster knew he wouldn't win this argument, deciding to leave now, lest Daffy would make the assignment bigger. Exiting the class, Buster saw Babs in front of him, resting on the lockers, silent but smiling almost to her ears.

-You could have wakened me up, Buster accused her.

-I tried but you're so cute when you're asleep. Maybe you'll learn to stay awake from now on during class.

-But history is so easy. All I have to do is study an hour the night before an exam and I'm all right. It's not like I'm failing the class or anything.

-No, but you're not learning anything either. And besides, it's impolite to sleep while the teacher is talking.

-Well if he made his course less boring, maybe I wouldn't sleep!

They continued their arguments until they reached the rest of the gang in the cafeteria and forgot all about it. Meanwhile, Daffy headed straight to the teachers lounge, where he found Bugs alone with Lola, flirting.

-Bugth, I need to thpeak to you.

-Sorry hon', duty calls. I'll see ya around. He turned to the duck: Daffy, in my office.

Bugs left the teacher's lounge, however not without one last wink towards the pink female bunny. Followed by Daffy, he reached his office, saluting his secretary on the way in, who in turn utterly ignored him. He sat behind his large desk, offered the teacher a chair and waited.

-Bugth, I have a thtudent problem. Buster Bunny keepth thleeping during my classes. I have approached him on the matter several times and he alwayth endth up dithregarding my warningth. I want you to do thomething about it.

-Does he snore?


-Does he have bad grades?

-85% average but…

-I don't see what the problem is.

-It's about rethpect, Daffy said with words being more deformed as his anger rose. I get none from him and I want you to do thomething about it.

-Ok, ok, calm down doc. I'll tell you what: next time he sleeps during your class, send him to me.

Daffy shined as he left the office. Finally Mr. Bunny, he thought, I have you in my grasp. During the next course with Daffy, Buster fought hard to remain awake and straight, not wanting to defy the teacher. In the end, he was so tired he ended up sleeping through the course after, physics with Sylvester. He lasted a week but finally, sleep caught up on him.

He didn't want to sleep, but his long night watching movies (maybe not the best move) held its weight on his eyelids. The blue bunny tried to keep himself awake, rubbing his eyes, drawing (the teacher never said to pay attention) but nothing could have prevented the yawn that led to his demise.

Daffy had been eyeing him the whole time, hoping to see his student fall into his grasp. It was cruel, but Daffy had never sent a student to the principal, except Montana Max but that hardly counted. He craved to know what the power felt like.

As soon as Buster's eyes closed and his head touched the desk, Daffy started to count slowly to ten like a boxing referee. When he finally reached the fatal number, he stopped his speech about general Hobbes and his tiger squadron and started walking through the rows to reach his bunny “friend”.

-Buthter, he said loud enough to wake him. Buster jumped upright but already knew it was too little too late.

-You were thleeping… again. His voice was a mix of anger and glee. I've had enough. Go to the printhipal'th offithe.

The kid felt defeated but kept his head high as he left the room, not even glancing in Babs direction. Of course, she felt bad but she never had a chance to warn her male counterpart.

Buster walked slowly to the office, ashamed. He had met the principal Bunny in the past, but that was in lighter conditions. How would he react to this, even if it was only a small offence? Of course, the young one feared the principal, since he didn't hang out with kids who did go.

Upon arrival, the secretary told him the principal would be available shortly, obviously not caring about him or what he had done. While waiting, Buster started to be even more anxious, if that was possible. What is he called his parents? What if…

Buster never got to finish his thought as the secretary told him the principal was ready. Mr. Bunny maybe, but he surely wasn't. Still, he got up, took a deep breath and entered.

-Sit down doc, Bugs said, impenetrable. Buster closed the door and sat. At least death was comfortable.

-So, what's up doc?

Buster explained the situation to Bugs, emphasizing on how the course is boring and how he had good grades. Of course, Bugs already knew the situation and just wanted to oppose the youngster's point of view to Daffy's.

-Well Buster, I guess I have no choice but to punish you. I know you find it unfair, but you had a warning and failed to go by the teachers rules, which to some extent is law in his class. Now… what should be your punishment, Bugs said half to Buster and half to himself.

Buster knew however not to answer that question, the trick question. He patiently awaited for Bugs to decide what to do. On the other hand, Bugs had no idea what to do, all principal he was. The situation was quite unique and no teacher before Daffy had ever complained of such a problem. He leaned on the back of his chair, lost in thought, giving the boy in front of him a chance to observe him better.

Buster looked at the male, older yes but definitely sexy, a bunny like he liked them. Buster started fantasizing about the gray hare's dick, about it's texture in his mouth, it's warmth and taste. On the other side, Bugs started to notice the boy's look on him but still didn't budge, as if in a daze. He started to think about how cute Buster was. He had never thought of a kid like this, even though he was surrounded by them all day long. Looking at the blue bunny, all he wanted to do is…

Their eyes met and obviously, they had the same idea. Had the room not been sealed from sight, by passers could of seen a young blue bunny climbing the desk to meet the lips of an older gray rabbit who could of easily been his father. Bugs tilted his head slightly and connected himself to the boy. They both felt thrilled by the taste, the joining of innocence and of experience. As they disconnected, Bugs whispered: “You've done this before”, more saying then asking. Buster nodded.

-Actually, I've kissed Babs a lot, which accounts for my bunny experience. I've also kissed Plucky Duck much in the past, among other things, with accounts for my male experience.

-Among other things, Bugs repeated in shock, eyes wide open in surprise. Then, with a smile and the sexiest look he could muster, he added: “Show me.” Buster didn't need to hear that twice. He turned, winked and jumped off the desk, out of sight. He then crawled under the desk to his treat. The meat, the only he accepted to eat, was in front of him. It stood erect, leaking of it's salty filling making it shiny and even more desirable. He approached his head and Bugs could feel the heat of the young one's breath on his shaft. Finally, he felt a tongue licking the pre-cum from his slip, which made him spill a few more clear drops, much to the pleasure of the energetic youth. Buster approached his lips and kissed the cock head before taking it into his mouth. He then proceeded to bob his head on the adult cock. Ironically, he was using Babs' own perfected technique, which he had previously tried on Plucky. The moans of the duckling and those the rabbit made confirmed that he was doing it right.

Bugs put his hands on the younger bunny's head, vaguely afraid to lose the sweet sensation. He had no reason to fear however since Buster was completely lost in lust. The taste was better then anything he could of imagined, much better Plucky's own. He could already feel the gray hare melting slowly in his mouth. Aided by the principal's hands, he pumped up and down the shaft, bringing his mate closer to ejaculation. He could almost taste it! Just a little more…

The older rabbit finally released himself into the small, warm, tender mouth of the 14 year old offered to him. Buster tightened his lips as to not lose a single drop, but Bugs had probably not released himself in quite a while. The quantity of cum was too much for his small mouth and so he parted his lips slightly, letting some fluids drop on his chin and finally a single drop on the floor. Bugs laid back on his chair, panting while Buster, resting between his legs, smiled at him with a little cum slipping from his mouth. He hadn't swallowed it yet, wanting to share with the owner's mouth before. Buster jumped on the chair, put his hands around Bugs' neck and kissed him once more. The older hare had never tasted cum. It was a warm, squishy taste. However not bad, it was good enough to swallow, he would surely not make it a delicacy. He wondered of others sperm would taste similar or completely different.

-You know, it's not over yet. I've given you my mouth, now you must offer me your butt.

It was only fair. Bugs gad some doubts however on how he would feel with boy cock between his buns. Still, Bugs got up, put his hands on his desk and spread his legs. Eyes closed, he awaited something, although he wasn't quite sure what to expect. Buster already had some experience in the ass with Plucky (Babs sadly never let him go there), so he knew to always start with lube. He put his gloved forefinger into his mouth to wet it and then without further ado, inserted it into his tail hole, slowly as to gradually stretch him.

Bugs had never done this, but already knew he would want to do it again. As he felt the finger slide in and out of him, he started to unwittingly rock his lips, wanting the welcomed intrusion deeper into him. Feeling Bugs ready, Buster removed his index, put both his hands on the gray ass cheeks and thrust one strong hit into the warm hole.

Of course, the blue boy still had some growing to do and so his dick wasn't as big as a full mature one, but on the other hand Bugs wasn't used to having things enter that way. Their first back bonding was indeed a pleasurable one, but also very awkward since the chair Buster was standing on was very unstable. Bugs soon realized it and quickly had his mate dismount him. He then climbed on his desk and laid on it, throwing a few files and pens to make himself more comfortable. He then wiggled his bottom, calling out the boy who lost no time before jumping back on the desk and inserting his meat into the bunny hole once more.

Now with more stability under his hands and feet, Buster could reach his full potential and go at it like never before. Immediately, he resumed his pumping, frenetically this time, making them both moan of pleasure and passion. Bugs was truly in paradise. This gay stuff was really great! If only he had known about it earlier. If only he had bonded with Buster earlier… He felt the young but experienced bunny impale himself deep, oh so deep.

At the same time, Buster was having the time of his life. Even with a grown up, his cock was quite a tight fit compared to Plucky. Of course, Plucky was like the male bitch of the school and when you've had Dizzy pounding on your ass so many times in the locker rooms, you can't expect to remain tight.

At last, the ever building pressure reached its threshold and Buster released his boy juices inside the originally virgin ass. The new slick feeling made Bugs go over the edge as well, sending a few cum shots on his desk. Finally, the blue boy fell on his mate, both panting and still bonded.

-Doc, you should start sleeping in more of your classes.

They both chuckled and after a few moments, Buster backed out, leaving between them a thin clear filament for an instant, then nothing. Bugs turned his head and gave the young cock a taste.

-Well what do you know… It does taste different.

Bugs got up and off his desk. He took a tissue to wipe off the cum he had left behind.

-That's going to leave a stain, Buster said. I should know.

They both washed off all residue of cum they had. Bugs finally sat back down on his chair, still feeling a bit of Buster deep inside. Buster sat in front of him, on the other side.

-Well, uhhh… I hope you had your lesson, young man.

-Oh I did Mr. Principal, don't worry.

They both grinned as the student got up and advanced towards the door.

-You know, Bugs said, we did something foolish here. What if we got caught? I'm not sure that “It's not what it seems” is a plausible excuse when you've got cock in your mouth or ass.

-Impossible, Buster said while flipping a switch on the door. I had locked the door.

-So… you knew this would happen?

-Knew no. Hoped…

He let his sentence in suspension. Before leaving, back to Bugs, Buster added: “By the way, Plucky sleeps during geography classes with Mrs. Granny. And then he left, leaving a very smiling principal behind.